Add New Post

This ‘Add New Post’ tutorial covers: Finding the ‘Add New Post’ screen An overview of post creation Formatting and structure options Publishing posts Posts were uniquely designed to keep a steady flow of new content on your site while maintaining organization. To create a new post hover over ‘Posts’ in your dashboard and click [...]

Introduction to Menus

This ‘Menus’ tutorial covers: Locating the ‘Edit Menus’ screen Creating a menu Adding ‘Pages’ to a custom menu Linking to external pages Adding category archives Organizing and Submenus Managing menu locations Because ‘Menus’ are the primary way users navigate a site it is important they are thoughtfully organized and put together. WordPress provides a [...]

Pages vs. Posts

The ‘Pages vs. Posts’ tutorial covers: A side-by-side comparison of Pages and Posts The similarities between the two How Posts display on your site Features for organizing Posts The purpose of Pages How Pages are organized While the Page editor and Post editor look the same and provide many of the same tools, the similarities [...]

How to change your password

Changing passwords is an important piece of website security. Creating and maintaining ‘Strong’ passwords helps protect your site from brute force attacks and potential identity theft. To change your password, under ‘Users’ in the WordPress dashboard click ‘Your Profile’. At the bottom of the ‘Profile’ screen type a new password in the text box next [...]

How to Set the Featured Image

  You add a featured image for a post, page or property as follows: 1. Click on the Set Featured Image link in the bottom right corner of the post editor 2. Upload a new image or select one from the Gallery 3. Click on the Set featured image link at the bottom of the [...]

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