Complete CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, and a whole lot more!

Put simply, Mure360® offers small business owners an all-in-one sales and marketing solution at an affordable price. Turbocharge your sales & marketing with a full suite of powerful tools.

Mure360® is a powerful, web-based application that allows business owners to consolidate their customer database, create marketing campaigns, send and track invoicing and that’s just the beginning, all while being more efficient and effective than ever before. No matter what kind of small business you are running, we work hard to make your life easier through consolidation while still offering robust features. All your data is stored securely online allowing customers easy access to it from anywhere in the world. All that is needed is an internet connection.

All of the features available are accessible from one screen, making this an easy-to-use, feature-packed solution for small business management.

Our Business Marketing Software Includes:

Our WYSIWYG email editor is very powerful, yet very easy to use. Create everything from basic postcards to elaborate newsletters with dynamic content. Full tracking and marketing automation tools included!
Extremely powerful customer relationship management. Send invoices and manage the sales pipeline from prospects to customers!
Complete social media integration. See how all your social media campaigns are doing at a glance. Post to all the social media networks with a single click!
Send marketing messages to your customers’ cell phones! You can also set calendar alerts so they are sent to your cell phone.
Improve your products or services by going directly to the source… your customers. Create surveys and track the most popular answers.
Collect payments from attendees for paid events. Attendee check-in options with automated emails!
Easily manage projects and tasks for your entire team. Milestone management and much more
Keep track of all your marketing campaigns to see how well they are doing, all with easy-to-read charts and graphs. Instantly see ROI and manage affiliates
We have hundreds of professionally designed email and website templates to choose from. All of our templates are tested to work with all major email clients and web browsers.
We have hundreds of professionally designed email and website templates to choose from. All of our templates are tested to work with all major email clients and web browsers.
With your own custom ticketing system, you can easily accept simple inquiries or manage customer support requests.
From simple email newsletters, to fully automated marketing tools, Mure360 has it all in a simple interface

Ensure success with this Small Business application

All the resources a small business owner needs in a single web application makes a life easier. It saves time, money and your precious energy! Mure360® consolidates small business marketing and operations tools in one easy-to-use web environment.

  • Website and email tracking, accounting, Contact Management Lists (CRM), email marketing, marketing automation, campaign management, forums, and even event management
  • Maintain all your contacts in one list allows and interact with them from one spot.
  • Email a contract, assign a task, (like a call-back), and bill all from the same place.
  • Learn where your contacts visit on your website. Track their progress through sections of your site, even what they downloaded!
  • Mure360® applications will make your business run more efficiently while it helps you market more intelligently!
  • Mure360® is user-friendly with an easy-to-use interface that makes marketing enjoyable!

View the introductory video below to learn about the powerful features available in Mure360®