Stay top-of-mind with engaging Email Marketing

Every Mure360 account includes world-class email marketing. And it is a known fact that Email Marketing is a vital marketing tool for any business. If you send out newsletters, what better way to enhance any email blast than with Mure360? You have the ability to create marketing campaigns within your Mure360 account by choosing from the thousands of email templates in our library or by creating your own.

Mure360 integrates seamlessly with your social networks allowing you to easily reach your customers however you want and track which networks perform best. Email marketing campaigns with Mure360 is the solution for any small to medium size business.

When combining email marketing with CRM, you have a powerful sales and marketing tool. Some of the benefits include boosting lead generation, improving services and increasing sales. Below are a few ways that using CRM and email marketing together can serve your business.

Whether you’re want to send out Newsletters or announce a new product, Mure360 brings the power of Email Marketing to you with easy-to-use tools.

Grow your email list by identifying and tracking your leads

Integrating CRM into your targeted email marketing campaigns will allow you to identify potential leads and grow your contact database. Tracking these leads, your sales team will be able to quickly and efficiently move them through the sales funnel.

  • Implement Drip Campaigns & Auto-Responders to increase sales and customer engagement
  • Grow your email list with signup forms and use our realtime email tracking to measure your reach, target your contacts, and manage your bounces and unsubscribers
  • Custom lead scoring for people who fill out forms
  • Collect payment with your subscription forms
  • Activate CRM Workflows automatically

The Mure360 Email Marketing tools allow you and your sales team to track leads, so you can, quickly and efficiently, move them through the sales funnel.

Personalize and target your all of your email campaigns

Combining internet marketing with CRM allows you to distinguish which messages are most appropriate for which readers. Providing relevant and interesting content keeps your customers engaged and improves your client relationships and business marketing efforts.

  • Delivery filters allow you to customize the delivery of your emails to your target audience
  • Combine complex rules with nested rules, event attendance, A/B list splits, and more, to send messages precisely
  • Mail merge on the fly, so your message recipients get the exact message you intend for them
  • Use dynamic mail merge rules to build messages on the fly (for example, you can put a special article for people who live in a specific state without having to create a separate email for each state)

Convert more leads with email marketing

Using Mure360’s CRM software to track and log all email communication enables your sales and marketing team to create specific and targeted email messages for anyone on your email list. By placing the right message in front of the right person, the probability of converting leads into sales rises substantially!

  • Automatic modification of groups—add people to groups and trigger drip campaigns based on email campaign response
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment by tracking known consumers through your website
  • Alert your sales team automatically when someone takes action on your website

Value-added Marketing

Mure360’s integrated CRM solution will enable your sales team to discern and act upon opportunities to upsell products and services to current customers, while the email marketing platform will reach new audiences.

Combining CRM with your email marketing provides powerful support to your sales and marketing team.