Create your website with Mure360’s website builder

There are countless options online for build-your-own website software, some sites even offer this service for free. That said, not all options are created equal. Having a professional looking website is essential. But having one that serves as a platform for advanced marketing and lead generation is even better. Mure360’s Website Builder is an easy and cost effective way to build a professional website that includes our powerful automated marketing tools.

Our website builder software makes the task of designing and launching your own site a simple one. Website creation and management is conveniently handled from one single dashboard. After your site is launched, future updates and additions are a breeze to make. By managing your own website, you save money and time—no web developer fees and no waiting around to get your much-needed updates implemented. Because the Mure360 website builder tools are web-based, your updates can be made quickly, even for multiple-member website teams. Each team member can update the website information from any location.

Attract more customers with a professional website

Using the Mure360 website builder, you can design and customize a professional looking website, and even include an online store. Our easy-to-use website builder includes drag & drop editors, and a wide selection of templates and functions. Additionally, our web building tool makes special landing page and micro-site creation a breeze. And all of this is efficiently managed with the content management system. Our tools are easy to understand and master for even the most non-technical user.

Mure360’s Website Builder Tool Includes:

Choose from over 100 website templates and customize to suit your needs and taste!
Many companies offering website creation tools offer e-commerce solutions, but just having the capability doesn’t translate to success. The Mure360 e-commerce solution provides valuable information about how your visitors use your site. 
With Mure360’s Analytics software you get accurate statistics that help you improve search engine rankings, website performance and overall marketing efforts. Merging the knowledge gleaned from this data with Mure360’s automated marketing tools provides immeasurable marketing power.
With Mure360 it is easy to create the ideal experience for your audience. With a couple of clicks, you can add signup forms, trackable videos, weather widgets, slide shows, interactive Google Mpas and more.
Savvy marketers understand that once you’ve done all the hard work to get visitors to your website, the next big step is to convert them into leads for your business. But what’s the best way to get them to convert? Landing Pages, that’s what! Landing pages are the heart and soul of a marketer’s lead generation efforts.
Gain valuable insight about what your prospects are interested in and how to move them further down the sales funnel. Mure360 tracks your contacts each time they visit your web site, records which pages they visit, and how long they stay. This data can provide you with actionable data so you know how to proceed—send them more information or perhaps, follow up with a phone call to close the sale.
Using data collected with the Mure360 tracking tools, you can create personalized automatic messages to target specific leads with information, products or services tailored to their interest. This method of targeted delivery of specifically tailored content helps move potential clients through the sales funnel faster.
Get emails sent to you when contacts in your database visit your website. When you’re using Mure360, you’ll receive alerts when people are visiting your site, making it easy to know exactly when key prospects are visiting.
With our campaign-filtering feature you can track individual contacts, conversions, time spent on pages, automation campaigns and more, with a click of a button. All of the analytics can be filtered by Campaigns, meaning you can isolate which sources are working the best for you.