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SmarterMail WebMail

To access SmarterMail, just open up your Web browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer), and enter the following URL in the ADDRESS BAR.   You will need your FULL USERNAME (ie:, [...]

Setup an Android Phone or Tablet for Exchange Activesync

NOTE: Exchange ActiveSync does not support the corporate calendar or email applications for the Motorola Droid, Droid 2 and Droid X. This is because these phones utilize a special application that does not follow Exchange [...]

Configure IMAP for iPhone or iPad

The iPhone and iPad supports IMAP. IMAP will allow you to retrieve emails and folders from SmarterMail and leave the emails on the server. Applies to All Versions of SmarterMail Follow these steps to create a [...]

Outlook: Set up an IMAP Email Account in Outlook for Smartermail

If you prefer to send and receive emails through Microsoft Outlook, these instructions show you how to configure your account. Click the File tab. Click Add Account. Auto Account Setup Select Manually configure server settings [...]

Group Setup

You can create more groups by going into the Group Setup section (clicking the icon/ Group Setup link next to the Group Name on the top left). On the top right of that page, there [...]

Add New Post

This ‘Add New Post’ tutorial covers: Finding the ‘Add New Post’ screen An overview of post creation Formatting and structure options Publishing posts Posts were uniquely designed to keep a steady flow of new [...]

Introduction to Menus

This ‘Menus’ tutorial covers: Locating the ‘Edit Menus’ screen Creating a menu Adding ‘Pages’ to a custom menu Linking to external pages Adding category archives Organizing and Submenus Managing menu locations Because ‘Menus’ are [...]

Pages vs. Posts

The ‘Pages vs. Posts’ tutorial covers: A side-by-side comparison of Pages and Posts The similarities between the two How Posts display on your site Features for organizing Posts The purpose of Pages How Pages are [...]